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Working with Ruth has taught me to tap into the flow of writing, to get my mind out of the way for the creative energies we are all in touch with. Through movement and meditation, I am able to freely engage with my muses, un-hampered by doubts or by unnecessary thoughts. It has truly been a gift to do this work with Ruth.

Norman Spiller LMT CST

Working with Ruth was a very unique and inspiring experience. She opened my eyes to how healing can be achieved through movement and expression. In a very loving and supportive way, she held space for me to freely and openly express myself, while also giving me the guidance and encouragement that was necessary for me to do this.

Aniko Fisch - Nutritional Therapist


Ruth is a force of nature – a deep explorer, creative wizard, an inspirational blend of humor and wisdom, totally alive.  In her classes I experience a love affair with creativity.  She finds inspiration everywhere. Her classes are not about structure but about opening up our curiosity, finding doors to what is possible. Her approach is unique, moving from the inside out, encouraging our flames and stoking our fires. I leave feeling inspired, alive and energized.

Melissa Neidich - Film Editor

Ruth encourages me to write using my own words, the words that come naturally to me.  It sounds easy, but it is not, especially for foreigners.  With the Harmonic Movement and meditation she offers, the non-judgemental, non competitive safe environment she creates, I feel safe to connect with my creative flow.  It is a whole journey to my center and is a healing experience.

Ayako Sho - Educator of Somatic Movement

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