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Another New Year!

At limbo between Christmas Cheer, and

Celebrating the coming New Year.

I sit here, contemplating the year that is gone,

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter,

the days flew on, and on, and on.

So fast, I didn't seem to catch up with anything,

Today, tired of the effort, I find myself slowing down.

It's not a bad place to be, in the slow zone,

There is time here to notice the birds chirping, time for being alone, and

listen to the wind blowing, and watch beautiful white flakes of snow falling

slowly dancing as they rest on lacy branches to become winter garments for

trees, growing in a pristine field

where fresh footsteps leave a clear path to follow,

and pink and purple skies close out the day,

And lifting my eyes from the sidewalk's wet gray, I think of

The frozen green ocean waves moving and curling, and

crashing slowly onto frozen sand, resisting deep footprints.

I notice scarves wound around necks up to the nose,

Gloved hands that icy winds froze, hide in deep pockets close to warm clothes

Winter is the time when the Year Changes, when the Solstice brings daylight back to short dark days. It seems of all the seasons, Winter lasts the longest period of time. I think time is frozen in the cold, and sometimes it makes me feel old. And other times with fresh clean air, when I put my cap upon my hair, and walk and put my footsteps in the snow, and have the feeling to let go, I notice that another year flew by, And cycles we live pass in the blink on an eye,

And sometimes, on a Winter Solstice, while pondering,

our minds do a little wandering,

and we slow down to discover

that we can catch up with ourselves

and each other.

Happy Holidays, notice it is time to Celebrate, and let go to Happiness.

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